dollar-sign-manScott H. Greenfield, a criminal defense attorney, just argued a case before New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals. He was discouraged to find out during oral arguments that even the judges in New York’s highest court do not have much faith in the altruism of lawyers. You can read that interesting post here.

A singer, Tom Paxton, expresses a sentiment similar to those of the judges in the Court of Appeals in his song. One Million Lawyers. Here’s the chorus, just to give you an idea:

In ten years we’re gonna have one million lawyers,
One million lawyers, one million lawyers.
In ten years we’re gonna have one million lawyers.
How much can a poor nation stand?

My Criminal Procedure professor took a poll of the law students in his class to see how many people went to law school in order to do something positive for the world. Almost half of the students indicated that they chose law school because they wanted to accomplish something positive as lawyers, whether that be as prosecutors, defense attorneys, Legal Aide attorneys or some other kind of public service type of law.

Mr. Greenfield also indicated that any attorney, whether or not they work in a practice area that is more openly public service oriented, may be moved to contribute to society by writing simply for the sake of education, intelligent discussion, and spreading knowledge. Some start blogs, write Law Review articles, or write articles for other publications and newspapers.

In any case, it would certainly be an oversimplification to characterize all lawyers as dollar-sign-eyed money fiends.

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top-50Heinonline, the the place to go for pdf versions of all major U.S. legal journals, has a blog, and on it, they have posted their 50 most cited authors of Law Review articles. Interestingly, Paul L. Caron, at the TaxProf Blog, pointed out that “[o]f the Top 50, 96% are men and 98% are white.”

So consider this a heads up. If you’re a Managing Editor of Articles or an Editor in Chief of a Law Review journal, and one of these 50 people happens to be still alive, and also submits an article, make them an offer! Come to think of it, even if one of those authors who aren’t still alive submits an article to your journal, there is all the more reason to make them an offer!

1.) Posner, Richard A. cited 12,586 times in 251 articles.

2.) Sunstein, Cass R. cited 11,521 times in 267 articles.

3.) Epstein, Richard A. cited 6,194 times in 272 articles.

4.) Easterbrook, Frank H. cited 6,018 times in 84 articles.

5.) Prosser, William L. cited 5,585 times in 55 articles.

6.) Coffee, John C. Jr. cited 5,196 times in 68 articles.

7.) Delgado, Richard cited 5,165 times in 145 articles.

8.) Eskridge, William N. Jr. cited 5,029 times in 69 articles.

9.) Pound, Roscoe cited 4,869 times in 284 articles.

10.) Fischel, Daniel R. cited 4,703 times in 43 articles.

11.) Amar, Akhil Reed cited 4,252 times in 98 articles.

12.) Wechsler, Herbert cited 4,076 times in 40 articles.

13.) Fiss, Owen M. cited 4,030 times in 56 articles.

14.) Farber, Daniel A. cited 4,002 times in 122 articles.

15.) Macey, Jonathan R. cited 3,936 times in 120 articles.

16.) Redish, Martin H. cited 3, 736 times in 86 articles.

17.) Schauer, Frederick cited 3,707 times in 116 articles.

18.) Tushnet, Mark cited 3,639 times in 263 articles.

19.) Gunther, Gerald cited 3,595 times in 20 articles.

20.) Tribe, Laurence H. cited 3,583 times in 75 articles.

21.) Sax, Joseph L. cited 3,546 times in 65 articles.

22.) Karst, Kenneth L. cited 3,528 times in 73 articles.

23.) Ely, John Hart cited 3,503 times in 30 articles.

24.) Michelman, Frank I. cited 3,422 times in 76 articles.

25.) Galanter, Marc cited 3,299 times in 84 articles.

26.) Brest, Paul cited 3,237 times in 30 articles.

27.) Scott, Robert E. cited 3,230 times in 53 articles.

28.) Friendly, Henry J. cited 3,148 times in 40 articles.

29.) Cox, Archibald cited 3,121 times in 72 articles.

30.) Henkin, Louis cited 3,068 times in 81 articles.

31.) Gilson, Ronald J. cited 3,062 times in 47 articles.

32.) Eisenberg, Theodore cited 2,980 times in 77 articles.

33.) Frankfurter, Felix cited 2,971 times in 84 articles.

34.) Lemley, Mark A. cited 2,962 times in 78 articles.

35.) Brandeis, Louis D. cited 2,918 times in 9 articles.

36.) Warren, Samuel D. cited 2,902 times in 3 articles.

37.) Bork, Robert H. cited 2,874 times in 64 articles.

38.) Kennedy, Duncan cited 2,802 times in 45 articles.

39.) Reich, Charles A. cited 2,784 times in 23 articles.

40.) Wade, John W. cited 2,768 times in 86 articles.

41.) Kalven, Harry Jr. cited 2,761 times in 44 articles.

42.) Chemerinsky, Erwin cited 2,681 times in 203 articles.

43.) Rhode, Deborah L. cited 2,677 times in 80 articles.

44.) Menkel-Meadow, Carrie cited 2,642 times in 78 articles.

45.) Griswold, Erwin N. cited 2,614 times in 121 articles.

46.) Jaffe, Louis L. cited 2,611 times in 69 articles.

47.) McConnell, Michael W. cited 2,566 times in 62 articles.

48.) Landes, William M. cited 2,547 times in 42 articles.

49.) Frickey, Philip P. cited 2,534 times in 39 articles.

50.) Schwartz, Alan cited 2,540 times in 59 articles.

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