Recovering from Injuries Caused by Stairway Accidents

June 17, 2010

A property owner has an obligation to make sure that staircases are maintained in a safe condition. It is also the property owner’s obligation to see to it that the staircases do not fall into disrepair. Most injuries on staircases are caused when an individual slips, and falls or trips.

Staircases should be clearly marked. Changes in floor surface, modifications in decorations, or even changes in the handrails are ways that people who are walking on stairs are alerted to potential problems. Staircases that are visually confusing or feature distractions, changes in the height or depth of the stairs, or material on the stairs that makes them slippery create potentially dangerous situations. Staircase should be appropriately lit and made with nonslip surfaces.

In the event you, a friend or a loved one trips and falls on a staircase, recovery for the injuries may be possible. Email or call the New York and Long Island slip and fall lawyers at the Law Offices of Elliot Schlissel for a free consultation at 1-800-344-6431.

2 Responses to “Recovering from Injuries Caused by Stairway Accidents”

  1. dekel@israel Says:

    i will share with you my stair accident. my mom used to pay insurance every month(we used to live in russia that time) in 1995 i fall down from the stairs and got compression of my back. i stayed in hospital (btw it happened in hospital-wiered luck) for few monthes. when my mom came to get insurance money devolvation happened. those money were not enough even for the metro ticket.

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