Iranian Jailers Come Clean – Three Protestors Were Beaten to Death

January 22, 2010

The government of Iran recently acknowledged that a minimum of three of the young people held in the Iranian jails were beaten to death. This is a rare victory for governmental critics. 

It had previously been explained that meningitis was the cause of these deaths. However, the coroner’s office has stated that this is incorrect. The three died of severe beatings. The wounds to the protestors bodies were the cause of their death.

Twelve officials from the Kahrizak prison have been charged with murder. This was the prison on the outskirts of Taran where prisoners were tortured and raped.

It is claimed that 72 of the protestors were killed by their jailors. The government of Iran claims only 30 protestors died.

The Iranian government had initially denied all accusations of improper treatment of prisoners. Prosecutors have also stated this month that a doctor who originally exposed the mistreatment and torture of prisoners died from poisoning. It is alleged the cause of this doctor’s death was celery that contained an overdose of blood pressure medication. The opposition in Iran claims he was murdered because he was cooperating with prosecutors. The 26 year old doctor, Raminpour Andarjaini, had previously testified before Parliament. He advised Parliament that he treated protestors that died from torture. However, he was forced to lie by Iranian security officials as to the cause of their death on their death certificates.

The judiciary in Iran has been active involved in efforts to silence opposition protestors. The judiciary has been involved in the trial of more than 100 protestors, reformers and opposition leaders. The judiciary’s position is that the protests are part of an overall international plot to overthrow the Iranian government.

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Picture courtesy of the Seattle Times.

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